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"Changing lives with the Peace of God."


Meet Our Pastors

With over 20 years of experience, our leaders, Pastors Michael and Vicky Brown, provide God Of Peace Ministries with the inspiration and direction to keep the organization moving forward and expanding in new areas based on the needs of our members and the community we serve.  


Pastors Michael and Vicky Brown are influential leaders who serve with ministerial excellence and integrity and bring with them an incredible ability to love, lead, inspire and care for those in need.


Throughout their nearly 30 years of marriage, Pastor Vicky has diligently served alongside her husband, Pastor Michael Brown, as his vision for God of Peace Ministries, Inc. became a reality and continues to grow and unfold.


Michael J. Brown



Pastor Michael Brown is a leader, visionary and entrepreneur who serves as the founder and Pastor of God of Peace Ministries, Inc.  He is a man of vision, purpose, and prayer, forever striving to fulfill the call of God on his life!  His vision is to see that the people of God get a clear understanding of the Word of God so that they can live whole and victorious lives.  His purpose is to teach and preach the uncompromising, unfaltering, unwavering Word of God.  And his prayer is for all people to come to know that they could live their lives in total peace through the Word of God.


Pastor Brown is a leader among men!  The men of God of Peace Ministries are given the opportunity to be enlightened, enriched and empowered by Pastor Brown, through our Men's Fellowship.  There he provides personal man-to-man insight on the principles of a godly man, the duties and responsibilities of a loving husband and father, cultivating meaningful relationships with their families, and strengthening their relationship and fellowship with Christ.


He is known for providing solid biblical truth through his practical and personal teaching style that helps the scriptures become relevant, useful and applicable to everyday life.  He stands in the office of preacher, teacher and mentor, setting the tone and atmosphere at God of Peace Ministries that encourages personal growth, spiritual development and maturity.  Those who experience his ministry learn to move beyond personal application to translating the knowledge learned into effective ministry to people in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Under his leadership God of Peace Ministries has grown from a vision on paper to a multipurpose, multicomplex facility with a commitment to proclaim the Word of God, uplift the family and provide ministry to the people, the neighborhood, the community and the world!


Pastor Michael Brown continues, to this day, to have a heart for the people. He teaches the Word of God for all to know that they can live their lives in total peace through the Word of God.


A devoted husband and father, Pastors Michael and Vicky Brown have two children; Julisia and Micheas.

Vicky Brown



Pastor Vicky is a beautiful woman of God who leads with poise and grace.  Soft in tone, pleasant in persona and awesome in prayer; she has diligently served alongside her husband, Pastor Michael Brown, to complement his ministry. 
Pastor Vicky’s heart for the women of God is evident as she leads the Women’s Ministry at God of Peace Ministries. This great woman of God ministers to women from all walks of life and positively
 impacts all who come in contact with her.


She desires to see the lives of women changed by the Word of God. She believes that God has called all of us to live a life of wholeness; nothing missing and nothing lacking.  She teaches that we can only do that if we let God's peace rule us.


In addition to the Women’s Ministry, she oversees the Praise & Worship Ministry, and the Finance Department at God of Peace Ministries, Inc. 


Pastor Vicky’s personal dedication to her husband and family serve as a living testament to how a woman can be a helpmeet to her husband and a blessing to her family. A loving wife and mother, she and Pastor Michael Brown have two children; Julisia and Micheas.






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