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Order of Service


Prayer - 9:30 am

Morning Worship - 10:00 am



Bible Study - 7:00 pm



"Changing lives with the Peace of God."


Our History

God Of Peace Ministries, Inc. (GOPM) was developed and established in August of 2004, by Michael J. Brown.  The first church service was held on August 21, 2005.


God of Peace Ministries was formed to give clear understanding of the Word of God. Also, to show people how to reflect God's Peace in a manner that would compel all people to come to know the Prince of Peace, thereby, causing them to live whole and victorious lives.


Pastor Brown has always had a heart for the City of Eatonton.  As early as 1994 God gave him a passion and a desire to minister to the people in this city. He began this work by driving the church van to Eatonton every Sunday to bring people to church who resided in Covington.  Soon after, he and other Pastors traveled to Eatonton to teach Bible Study.  


Over the years, God of Peace Ministries learned that, sometimes, what people need the most is someone who will listen to their concerns - someone they can turn to for support when the going gets tough. The needs of our community seem to grow by the day, and we continuously strive to expand our ministry and community outreach efforts to meet those needs in a variety of ways including personal one-on-one interaction; fellowship and worship services, special activities and events, and neighborhood and community outreach programs.


Today, God of Peace Ministries is home to a multipurpose complex which houses a child care facility, a food pantry, a fitness center, an outdoor stage and platform, and several pavilions conveniently located in close proximity to our swimming pool, basketball court, and athletic fields.  GOPM continues to give back to the community through a myriad of outreach efforts garnered by Pastors Michael and Vicky with a commitment to proclaim the Word of God, uplift the family and provide ministry to people just like you!  Through God of Peace Ministries, numerous people have received salvation and the tools necessary to live a victorious life in Christ.


Pastor Michael Brown, with Pastor Vicky by his side, continue to have a heart for the people. He teaches the Word of God for all to know that they can live their lives in total peace through the Word of God.


That's what God Of Peace Ministries is all about...


"Changing lives with the Peace of God."


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